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It’s difficult to find something that singer-songwriter LEECE can’t do. The dancer, producer, multi-linguistic and multi-instrumentalist Canadian-Italian artist has spent the last fifteen years specializing in everything from music to international business. 


Hailing from London, Canada, Allisa - known artistically and to her friends as LEECE - was born a naturally gifted singer with impressive range. At seven years old, she began studying classical vocal and piano through The Royal Conservatory of Music. In her teens, she auditioned and preformed with Amabile Choirs of London, won top placements in various solo singing competitions and began writing and recording her own original, contemporary music


Before pursuing music completely, her incessant curiosity kicked in and LEECE went on to complete a Bachelor of Science and a Master in International Business. During this time, she soaked up languages, cultures and inspiration as she lived, studied and worked across Canada, Italy and India. Her approach to creating the music you hear today is just as multi-faceted as the path that lead her to it. 


She moved from Milan to Toronto in 2016 where she has since been sharpening her music composition and production skills while training and performing as a commercial dancer. A recovering perfectionist, LEECE spent 2019 writing and recording her debut EP due later this year. The first half of 2020 saw the #reLEECE of her first two singles - Easier and Shadow. Making waves as an independent artist, LEECE has been praised for her "soulful, euphonious voice that produces blue auras of sound within an alternative pop universe."

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